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Fly Fishing Hawaii is a Fishing Guide Operator based in Oahu, Hawaii. We specialize in Fly Fishing charters targeting predatory reef fish, specifically the Giant Hawaiian Bonefish. Fly Fishing in Hawaii is at the top of the bucket list for anglers around the world. It is a very technical fishery and the thrill of the hunt is always worth it.

As an officer in the United States Marine Corps, Makani earned his combat action ribbon fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. After he was honorably discharged in 2008, Makani returned to Hawaii to turn his passion for fishing into a business. Years later, Fly Fishing Hawaii has become one of the top booked fishing guide services on Oahu. 

We have established a close knit group of local fishing Captains, including Jake Brookes, Ed Tamai, and Chris White. Our guides are the backbone of Fly Fishing Hawaii, each with a unique skill set and diverse experiences to share with anglers. 


owner and chief captain makani christensen

Born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, Makani has been fishing since he was 2 years old. With a love for the sea and a Naval Academy degree in Oceanography, Makani's experience throughout the past 35 years have perfected his understanding of fish habits and movement.  He has extensive experience in bottom fishing, light tackle, cast netting, commercial fishing, spear fishing, and GT fishing.

His passion for fishing extends to protecting fisheries around the world through his own political advocacy.  He is the president of the Hunting Farming and Fishing Association here in Hawaii. Makani works closely with the community and local government not only to protect our natural resources, but to protect the rights of fisherman and preserve cultural fishing practices of Hawaii.

Other accomplishments include 2009 Lahaina Jackpot Tournament Winner, 2012 Ironman Finisher,  Candidate for US Senate 2016, and President of United States Naval Academy Alumni Association.


our fly fishing charters

We offer half or full day fishing charters with experienced, local Captains.  Whether you're boarding our 15-foot flats boat, or wading out, our guides will expertly navigate the tide, depth, bottom topography, fly design, and cast to maximize your odds of landing a giant.

Fly fishing in Hawaii is extremely technical. The bonefish are finicky and conditions change fast with the trade winds rolling in. Having a guide on your charter is paramount to increasing your odds. Throughout the years, we have perfected our craft of tying custom flies designed specifically for Hawaiian waters. 

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Our company is a brand ambassador for Costa Sunglasses, Mahiku Active Wear, and Keawe Adventures  We appreciate our sponsors and make every effort to represent our sponsors in a professional manner.  We provided advertising, blogs, video, and site links to all sponsors.  Our fly fishing team will work hard to provide equal or better value for sponsorship.  If you are interested in sponsoring Keawe Adventures, please contact us at keaweadventures@gmail.com or by phone at 808-780-1253.